For Me

Just a Closer Walk with Thee…

We follow Jesus better when we follow him together. But sometimes, it’s good to go on a solo quest or play on single player mode. Even Jesus spent time away from the crowds, even away from his own Twelve, to focus on conversation and prayer with his Father.

Sometimes the Spirit will lead you into the wilderness. And sometimes it’s good just to get away. It’s always important to stay connected to other followers who can point you to Jesus and his love for you. And once in a while, it’s good to be in the presence of the Most High all by yourself …

  • I Got Rhythm!
    In the Body of Christ, we put up with each other, and accommodate each other, and encourage each other, all the while knowing that others will have to put up with our own arrhythmia in one way or another.
  • The Adventure of Hospitality
    Carl Medearis, author and international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations, joins Justin Rossow to talk about the risks and adventure of extending and receiving hospitality.
  • An Experiment in Family Devotions
    Kim Longden shares some of her family’s experience with devotions: just start somewhere!
  • Paradox & Life in the Spirit
    Professor Lois Malcolm of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota joins author Justin Rossow to talk about some of the paradoxes of life in the Spirit, like this one: the more we all become like Christ, the more unique each one of us becomes. A great discussion on the power and the presence of the Spirit in our lives!
  • The One Voice
    Recently retired, Kristeen Bruun wonders what it means when the voices that have claimed your attention for so long have all be stilled and their is only One Voice left.