For Me

Just a Closer Walk with Thee…

We follow Jesus better when we follow him together. But sometimes, it’s good to go on a solo quest or play on single player mode. Even Jesus spent time away from the crowds, even away from his own Twelve, to focus on conversation and prayer with his Father.

Sometimes the Spirit will lead you into the wilderness. And sometimes it’s good just to get away. It’s always important to stay connected to other followers who can point you to Jesus and his love for you. And once in a while, it’s good to be in the presence of the Most High all by yourself …

  • Marinating in Scripture
    “Wednesdays are for Walking With” explores the Disciple Like You Mean It (DLYMI) online training. This episode explores attitudes we bring to engaging Scripture. Our special guest is Conrad Gempf, recently retired from the London School of Theology.
  • Wednesdays are for Walking With 01
    The Next Step Podcast’s new feature, “Wednesdays are for Walking With,” explores the Disciple Like You Mean It (DLYMI) online training. The inaugural episode, recorded on July 19, 2023, features a conversation with DLYMI participant Deanna Rossow, discussing a recent milestone in her life, and potential next step responses. Lexie Brown, Director of Family Life Ministry at St. Paul, Ann Arbor, also contributes to the discussion.
  • Souvenirs of God’s Faithfulness
    Looking back at her hymn journal, Kim discovers a souvenir of God’s faithfulness.
  • #Lenten Walk, Week 5
    Alli’s walk through Lent continues as she invites us to walk with her through this faith experiment.
  • #Lenten Walk, Week 4
    It’s week four, and things haven’t gone to plan… But Alli is still walking with Jesus (and podcasts) this Lent!