For Me

Just a Closer Walk with Thee…

We follow Jesus better when we follow him together. But sometimes, it’s good to go on a solo quest or play on single player mode. Even Jesus spent time away from the crowds, even away from his own Twelve, to focus on conversation and prayer with his Father.

Sometimes the Spirit will lead you into the wilderness. And sometimes it’s good just to get away. It’s always important to stay connected to other followers who can point you to Jesus and his love for you. And once in a while, it’s good to be in the presence of the Most High all by yourself …

  • O God, Where Are You?
    By Naomi Rossow Sitting on the waterside patio with the lake air surrounding me, I was content. The sky was filled with different shades of blue, and the water reflected those colors on a darker spectrum. There was no sunset tonight, but the water glistened with the light shining from the sky. As I looked up, a tree stretched across myContinue reading “O God, Where Are You?”
  • Adding Margin to My Day
    By Kim Longden I am a pretty task-oriented person, and if left unchecked, I will plow through human interactions for the sake of getting things done. Today was one of those days where, rather than really hearing my kids, I kept looking at the clock and the running to-do list in my head. Not enough time to listen to the thingsContinue reading “Adding Margin to My Day”
  • The First Gospel
    By Justin Rossow The very first Gospel promise comes immediately on the heels of very first sin. In Genesis 3:15, God says to the serpent, “I will put enmity [warfare] between you and the woman,between your seed and her Seed; He will crush your head,and you will strike His heel.” That promise is fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus,Continue reading “The First Gospel”
  • What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
    By: Katie Helmreich The timer went off but no one noticed. I had put a tray of cookies in the oven and walked away to rally the kids for chores. I forgot all about them until I smelled them burning.  I’m a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist. These days, thank heavens, this sort of set back is usually no big deal. But onContinue reading “What’s the Worst that Could Happen?”
  • Artist Round Table
    The Visual Faith Illustrators from When from Death I’m Free sit down with author Justin Rossow in a closing round table discussion.