The Movable Adventure Journal

A place to personalize and organize your notes. A way to creatively engage and remember. Real help for taking a small next step.


The Movable Adventure Journal:
A Companion to the Online Experience
from Visual Faith™ Ministry

This 8.5 x 11 journal is the perfect companion to the new online experience from Visual Faith™ Ministry. Over 40 speakers have contributed to this project, and here, in one place, you have notes, quotes, and added content covering all four of the Movable Adventure’s pathways for transformation.

A convenient way to keep your thoughts and responses together no matter how long you take journeying through the online video sessions, The Movable Adventure Journal will encourage you pray, give you the space to engage, and keep you focused on what Jesus is shaping in you as you explore habits and practices that will shape your faith walk for years to come.

The Personal Pathway for transformation in the Movable Adventure is filled with creative prayer practices that will enable you to engage God’s Word as an individual and help move you ever closer to the Lord. Like the online experience, The Movable Adventure Journal features Carolyn Bira from Visual Faith™ Ministry and includes content from a variety of other visual faith practitioners.

The Households of Faith Pathway for transformation explores ways for families on the go to connect together in daily life and how to nurture faith within the household. Dionne Lovstad-Jones from Lutheran Hour Ministries lays the foundation for this pathway while a range of other contributors discuss topics like spiritual milestones or faith formation for busy families.

The Community Discipleship Pathway for transformation looks at discipleship as the adventure of walking together on a journey of faith. Justin Rossow, founder of Next Step Press, explores what it means to say we follow Jesus better when we follow Him together. Other fellow travelers along the way share their favorite faith formation practices as they follow Jesus in the classroom, in neighborhood outposts, and in the local congregation.

Finally, the Digital Pathway for transformation helps us consider the question, “What’s the shape of your digital witness?” Chad Lakies, Regional Director of North America for Lutheran Hour Ministries,

Since I started this devotional journaling process, it’s moved me to a more complete devotional time where I want to do it every day! It’s part of me.

from the Personal Pathway for Transformation

“God met me where I was, drew me in by my name, and showed me how time with Him was a delight.”

from the Digital Pathway
for Transformation

Hear more about the Movable Adventure from Visual Faith™ Ministry Co-founder, Connie Denninger

Discover more about the Movable Adventure online experience and the people behind it.

About Visual Faith™ Ministry

Visual Faith™ Ministry is the collaborative effort of online and “in-real-life” learning communities to enrich, encourage, and enable the vital connections between visual and kinesthetic learning styles and the storytelling of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

Visual faith is reading, reflecting, and responding to God’s Word. It welcomes writing, drawing, designs, and color to create reminders of faith that help tell the story for followers of Jesus. Visual Faith reminds us that we are made in the image of a creative God.

Visual faith honors God’s creative sanctification of believers on a daily basis and is the basic process of bringing together our great gifts of prayer and God’s Word. It adds visual, kinesthetic, and tactile adaptations that make meaning for us in our daily lives. Visual faith is a “selfie” of our time with God, helping us to remember, retain, and be ready to share it with others.

In all of these ways and more, visual faith helps to answer the question, “What does this mean for me?”

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About the Movable Adventure Online Experience
What is the Holy Spirit doing in your life?

The Movable Adventure is an online experience created by Visual Faith™ Ministry to assist you in discovering your growing faith journey. Visual Faith tools provide an outline for faith formation that may become a practice, that then becomes a lifestyle, that can help transform us into apprentices of Jesus, all through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Over 40 Videos

Movable Adventure speakers were hand-picked based on their relatable experiences, expertise, and teachable hearts. Their knowledge and passion for spiritual transformation practices offer great encouragement. Our speakers are bringing you real-life stories filled with grace-laced successes. Everyday disciples in multiple seasons of life give you hope that change and movement is possible.

Fits in Your Schedule

There are no live classes or dictated schedules to limit participation. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection. You can access the Movable Adventure from your tablet, phone, or desktop. The presentations will be available online at your own convenience. During the free portion of the launch: Nov 3, 9:00 am EST to Nov 5, 9:00 am EST (48 hours) you will only be able to participate on the Personal Pathway.

Give Yourself Permission

While the work of transformation can be difficult, and even painful at times, God has provided all that we need to embark upon this endeavor. The Spirit is in the process – and the Spirit makes it happen! The Movable Adventure gives you permission to take intentional steps in spending time with God and exploring the gift of faith you have been given.

The Movable Adventure is not a sprint to the finish line. It is simply a way for you to continue to grow in your faith. Spiritual transformation will never be completed on this side of heaven. But the journey is worth it. ​These videos are here for you to watch again and again.

​Join us for this incredible adventure. God has places to take you!


$49 One year access to all four pathways: Personal, Household, Community Discipleship, and Digital (if purchased between October 1 and November 2, 2021)

$19 Sharing Permission License allows you to share videos with your group
(Must Purchase Separately)

FREE 48 hours to experience the Personal Pathway
(November 3, 2021 9:00 am EDT to 9:00 am EDT November 5, 2021)

$59 One year access to all four pathways: Personal, Household, Community Discipleship, and Digital (if purchased during the FREE 48 hours, November 3-5, 2021)

$79 One year access to all four pathways: Personal, Household, Community Discipleship, and Digital (purchased after November 5, 2021)

About the Contributors

Connie Denninger and Pat Maier, Co-founders of Visual Faith™ Ministry, both contributed to this resource. They also recruited keynote speakers for the Movable Adventure online experience. These keynote speakers also made significant contributions to each section of The Movable Adventure Journal.

Carolyn Bira, Visual Faith™ Ministry, kicks off the Personal Pathway for transformation; Dionne Lovstad-Jones, Lutheran Hour Ministries, is the keynote for the Households of Faith Pathway; Justin Rossow, Founder of Next Step Press, leads off the Community Discipleship Pathway; and Chad Lakies, Regional Director of North America for Lutheran Hour Ministries, sets the stage for the Digital Pathway for transformation.

The videos from each of these contributors are available through the Movable Adventure online experience from Visual Faith™ Ministry; notes pages, Scripture readings, and bonus material are included in The Movable Adventure Journal.

Alongside insight and encouragement from the keynote speakers, you will also find stories and personal examples from people who engage these tools and practices in their everyday lives. Quotes and note pages are included in the Adventure Journal that coincide with videos in the online experience.

You’ll hear from Lisa Brass, Stacey Tasler Crosson, Hailey Ekong, Linda Ekong, Karen Field, Joan Fitzgerald, Meghan Flannick, Jean-Marie Galing, Pamm Haley, Debbie Haughland Chan, Katie Helmreich, Rachel Hinz, Bonnie Hughes, Karen Hunter, Eden Keefe, Nancy Kline, Laurel Livingston, Aaron Machado, Diane Marra, Valerie Matyas, Jessica Meier, Denise Miller, Penny Adler, Brenda Ashford, Marsha Baker, Jennifer Barbe, Alli Bauck, Cliff Bira, Lorraine Bacon, Janet Blocher, Karen Bosch, Belinda Bost, Michele Bowden, CJ Ransdell, Luz Rubianes, Candice Schwark, Dana Stigdon, Jamee Thieme, Gayle Thorn, Victoria Weaver, Renee Whitener, Bev Wicher, Sara Wilson, and Angelica Young.

Such a wide range of presenters makes this resource accessible and meaningful for a wide range of readers. Seeing the concepts play out in real life will help you take a concrete next step in your life of faith. Stories of struggles and joys will give you hope an courage along the way.

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