The Stained Glass Prayer

Sometimes in life you need hacks. Not because you are cutting corners, but because the common way or familiar way is cumbersome, messy, or ineffective. Cleaning hacks, organizing hacks, classroom hacks–the internet is full of ideas.

Visual Prayer is a kind of “prayer hack.” It offers tools (paper and pens) to eliminate distractions.

On Day 12 of You, Follow Me: A daily discipleship travel log for Advent/Christmas, author Justin Rossow offers a Prayer Experiment. It is a form of Visual Prayer we use at Visual Faith Ministry to help people pause, focus, and have a visual reminder of what was lifted up in prayer.

The Stained Glass technique gives your brain and hand space and room to move through a prayer. You can get up from the table and return to the prayer throughout the day. You can look back and remember what you have prayed. You can cover a complex topic in an organized way and keep your prayer focus.

The Stained Glass Prayer engages visual, linguistic, and kinesthetic learning. And it might just work for you.

Be brave, be bold, you have nothing to lose. Today is a great day for a Prayer Experiment.


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