Wondrous Love

The Next Step Podcast
Season 1: When from Death I’m Free
Episode 1: “Wondrous Love”
Date: 25 February 2020
Guest: Singer/songwriter C. Brooke Orozco

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In this episode of the Next Step Podcast, artist C. Brooke Orozco and author Justin Rossow talk about the first hymn in the When from Death I’m Free hymn journal for Holy Week.

Brooke walks us through some of the thoughts behind her collaborative work with Brendan Knorp and how that led to a new rendition of the hymn.

Brooke and Justin read the Scripture verses and devotion that go with the hymn and discuss the meaning and invitation of Jesus’ love for us.

Topics range from the Son delivering the Kingdom to the Father, to the importance of the body, and the invitation to experience your relationship with God not only with your soul but with your created, physical body.

Jesus loves your body.
Jesus died for your body.
Your body is going to rise.

This episode was recorded in the children’s section of the Barnes and Noble in Brighton, MI. As we begin to talk about aging and death and resurrection, you can hear some kids arrive and begin to talk and play and explore. I think the children’s noises in the background are the perfect accompaniment to a discussion of resurrection life and the gift of your physical body.

Brooke and Justin on location at the children’s stage, Barnes and Noble, Brighton, MI

Check out the Social Learning group sharing this hymn journal experience here: When From Death I’m Free Facebook Social Learning Group.

Find a recording and a lead sheet for His Wondrous Love by Brendan Knorp and C. Brooke Orozco at Next Step Press: www.findmynextstep.org/music or check out their Advent album Light in the Darkness at store.cdbaby.com/cd/orozcoknorp.

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