Failure and the Cross

The Next Step Podcast
Season 1: When from Death I’m Free
Episode 2.2: “You Will Strike His Heal”
Date: 06 March 2020
Midweek Lenten Sermon

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This bonus episode of the Next Step Podcast features a Wednesday evening sermon, preached at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church in Brighton, Michigan.

The modern hymn, “On That Morning” from Kip Fox helped set the theme for the sermon, along with the key verses from Chapter 2 of When from Death I’m Free hymn journal for Holy Week: Genesis 3:12-15.

The final verse of that reading is known as The First Gospel. God is speaking to the Serpent about the promised Seed:

“He will crush your head, and you will strike His heal.”

Those two death blows help us see how Jesus enters into our failure, for us and for our good.

The sanctuary at Shepherd of the Lakes and my sermon notes for Wednesday, March 4.

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For further reading:
“The Resurrection of Christ: Its Importance in the History of the Church” by David Maxwell is a scholarly article that explores different ways the Scriptures and the Church have talked about the significance of Easter, including the “Stomping Narrative” grounded in Genesis 3, where the death of Jesus is the victory of the Snake, and the resurrection of Jesus is the victory on the Seed of the Woman. You can find Maxwell’s article in this issue of the Concordia Journal.

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