Hymn Journal Book Tabs

By Valerie Matyas

Happy Holy Week! In celebration of Holy Week 2020, Next Step Press is delighted to offer you Book Tabs for your Hymn Journal. The Book Tabs were created with three specific types of people in mind.

The first type is the person who bought the book, had all intentions of using it, but then, well… life happened. Like, really happened. And now the book seems too daunting to open. The idea of starting somewhere, anywhere, seems impossible. You understand many people think coloring is relaxing, but you are convinced, you are not that person. Perhaps you would rather cut, glue, and see actual progress being made quickly… this resource is for you. Open the book. Get in there. You can do it. You’ve got nothing to lose. You already own the book; the tabs are free, and a good way to get your hands dirty. (The good kind of dirty.)

The second type of person who might enjoy these tabs is the person who has been happily and contentedly interacting with the hymn journal this Lent. Your family sees it around the house. They know the book is receiving more attention than the laundry, dishes, and floors. And quite, frankly, that is fine. Enjoy the tabs, show your family, your excitement will be contagious. (The good kind of contagious.) 

The third type I had in mind is the person who uses tabs the way other people use decorative paper towels: they serve a purpose, they look great, and quite frankly, it’s good, clean fun. You have tabs on your planner, your Bible, your address book, your scrapbooks, and if your spouse would let you, there would be decorative tabs on the family’s personal files cabinet for the kids’ birth certificates, your marriage license, and the passports. The tabs spark imagination, creativity, organization and enjoyment. These are for you, too. Have fun, go crazy. (The good kind of crazy.)

I had those three types of people in mind as I went to create this bonus material for the When from Death I’m Free hymn journal for Holy Week. Maybe you are none of the above, or a mix of all of the above. But whether you were with us from the intro or you are still waiting for your copy to arrive in the mail, these tabs are for you. The video tutorial is for you. This whole enterprise is for you, as we help you take a small next step following Jesus.

I have loved engaging with you in the When From Death I’m Free Pop Up Group. And I can’t wait to see the photos of your tabs!

Blessings on your Holy Week!

Valerie Matyas
Lead Illustrator
When from Death I’m Free

Video Tutorial on Book Tabs from Valerie Matyas

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