Lettering Video Tutorial, Part 1

By Valerie Matyas

If you flip through the book Ponder Anew: A Hymn Journal for Trust and Confidence you will quickly notice how often the artists use lettering as part of their illustrations. Creative lettering pairs beautifully with the visual meditations we have been exploring in the Hymn Journal because it allows the brain to linger longer on the message, the lyrics, or the words of Scripture.

The video tutorial provided below is a fairly basic introduction to lettering–accessible tools, three quick fonts, a handy tip or two to help you be successful.

You don’t have to have a ton of supplies to get started. You probably have everything you need at home to begin. In the video tutorial I use a mechanical pencil, a sharpie pen, a white eraser, and inexpensive computer paper. Orange and turquoise colored pencils help to add a quick pop of color.

Try to remind yourself that lettering is different from handwriting. Imagine lettering as the art of drawing letters as opposed to writing letters. Do you remember back in grade school when you carefully learned how to shape each letter? It is helpful to think of these letters as shapes. Take your time. Enjoy the process; no need to rush.

To read more about lettering (or the art of typography) explore the  Typography Bible Journaling section of the Visual FaithTM Ministry website. There you will find lettering examples, ideas, and further insight and inspiration. 

I continue to enjoy seeing all of your posts in the Ponder Anew Pop Up Group. Try your hand at lettering, share your work, and let me know what you thought of the experience!

Blessings on your week!

Valerie Matyas
Lead Illustrator
Ponder Anew

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  1. It is always a great delight to see, hear, and learn from you, dear friend! These are wonderful examples of lettering and the way you teach is grace-filled, which I love!

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