Insurmountable Power

By: Naomi Rossow

Awe-struck. That’s how I felt after an hour and a half conversation with my boyfriend. Awe-struck. He reminded me of the great, insurmountable power of God. I think sometimes we underestimate the power God holds. Or we don’t recognize how truly wonderful it is.

Just look around you. The beautiful trees. The blossoming flowers. The unique snowflakes. The grainy dirt. The vast amount of stars and planets in the solar system and endless universe. And even more than that. The intricate workings of the ecosystem. The knowledge a baby turtle has to make their way to the water after hatching. The complicated relationship between the heart, head, and hands. The precise cells that make up your fingers and the junctions that keep them together to form the tissue that protects your vulnerable organs inside. It’s amazing and beyond anything anyone on this earth could have ever thought up. 

I am taking anatomy and physiology this semester. When I looked at this class before it had started, I was afraid of it and determined to succeed. I knew it was one of the hardest classes and a very important one for nursing. I mean, I have to be able to tell the difference between your arms and legs or I am not going to be very good at my job! 

After starting the class, I am having fun. I enjoy learning about the different kinds of tissue in your body and how they serve their unique function to keep you safe and healthy. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.

It’s applicable to your life, so maybe that is why. (But nutrition is more applicable, and I am hating that class…)

So, maybe it is because of the way the class is being taught online that has me excited to open my textbook. I am sure those things have something to do with it, yes. But, after having this conversation, I think I am having so much fun with physiology because I get to learn in detail about the wonderfully complex system that God designed. Every day I get to see the power of God in my own skin. I look at my hands now and see that the layer of skin I am seeing is made up of epithelial tissue and that underneath it there is connective tissue that has nerve endings in it so that I can feel my fingers pressing against the keyboard typing. And there is so much more happening in just these simple movements. It is absolutely astonishing. 

The song His Heart Beats by Andrew Peterson is one of my favorites because of the biological imagery it uses. He says, “His heart beats. His blood begins to flow.” Peterson reminds us that Jesus was fully human and with that comes the breath-taking design of our human bodies.

As you go about your day, think of all the simple actions you are making. Regardless of your gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion. You were made with careful hands by your Heavenly Father. God is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. That power is so strong that the entire expanse of the vast universe and your microscopic cells that make up your human form were made by God.

How great is the power of God that it can make the perfect solution to your body and the whole universe?

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