Direction, Alignment, And Your Preaching Ministry Post-Covid

An interview with Rev. Jeff Meyer

This special episode of the Next Step Podcast captures a conversation between Rev. Jeff Meyer, pastor, author, coach, and consultant, and Rev. Justin Rossow, the founder of Next Step Press.

These two preachers will discuss how to live out the ideas in a recent blog about using your preaching ministry as a compass to set direction rather than adding just one more paddle to a canoe. How can you add freedom and energy by measuring more than activity and bring alignment to your ministry areas?

You’ll hear Justin refer to Jeff’s book, Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute as the two talk about mission creep and the power of measuring more than just activity. You can learn more about setting a clear direction for your congregation at

This podcast is one example of hitting multiple communication streams with content that is thematically related. Read the whole blog series, below.

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