Introducing Light in the Darkness

The Next Step Podcast
Season 3: Light in the Darkness
Episode 0: Introduction
Date: 15 November 2020
Guest: Lead Illustrator Valerie Matyas
Also available on: iTunes

Welcome to Season 3 of the Next Step Podcast, where we help you take a next step! Season 3 is dedicated to exploring the resource Light in the Darkness: A Hymn Journal for Advent & Christmas from Next Step Press.

In this episode, lead illustrator Valerie Matyas joins author Justin Rossow to give an overview of Light in the Darkness and a closer look at the introduction. You’ll hear Justin read the Author’s Note on page ii, and you’ll hear Valerie read part of her introduction that begins on page iii. The two discuss the Advent and Christmas calendars included in the book and how these devotional tools can help you keep your eyes open for what Jesus is doing in your life as you journey toward Christmas and into the New Year.

You can see a version of that introduction, including a free download of the Advent calendar, on the Next Step Community blog at

Along the way you will also get to hear Brooke Orozco and Brendan Knorp perform the title song from the hymn journal, “Light in the Darkness.” Brooke and Brendan have recorded modern arrangements of all of the hymns and carols in this hymn journal, and even added three new compositions to the mix.

Before they are through, you’ll hear Justin give a brief description of “Advent” and “Epiphany,” and Valerie give her best advice for getting the most out of your hymn journal.

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The intro and outro music for Season 3: Light in the Darkness was arranged and performed by Brendan Knorp. The music included in the podcast was written by Brooke Orozco and performed by Brooke and Brendan. All rights reserved.

We help you take a next step.

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