My Favorite Tea Kettle

By Rachel Hinz

Earlier this fall, our cute, teal tea kettle of 12 years finally needed to be replaced. As usual, it was a busy week, so I wasn’t sure if I could pick up a new one in a single window of time (and somehow Amazon escaped me). I was driving to get groceries at Aldi, though, and—try not to laugh—I KNEW there would be one there. It just seemed like God was all, “I gotcha.” Wink, nudge.

So, sure enough, in the clearance bin, all by its lonesome, was this big ole gold kettle. Now, I love gold (cue sinister voice), but I was not really feeling this look … I wasn’t sure it would go with my kitchen … not crazy on the style… Mostly, it just wasn’t my old, little, cutesy, teal kettle.

But it was crazy Aldi-affordable and I got it, begrudgingly. And the next day I took it right back, sure I could make room in my schedule to find something better.

So I started my search for another tea kettle.  The first place I stopped was out of the one I wanted (in my budget), so I went to another store. They were out, too. In fact, they were apparently out of that tea kettle at every single store, ever (well, basically). A waste of time.

Today, that gold Aldi kettle is back in my kitchen. And you know what God said to my heart as I poured my first cup?

“I will provide for your every need. You might not like how that looks to you. It’s not what you were used to, I know … but it’s the best for you right now, in my timing. You’ll see.” 

And, guys: I LOVE my new, shiny, golden tea kettle.

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  1. I love this! I agree–sometimes it’s not so much about the thing as it is the kept promise of provision it represents. And, the fact that God nudged you that it would be in the Aldi Finds section (my absolute favorite section, by the way) is truly miraculous–you never know what you’ll find in that little treasure aisle!

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