Key Concept Calendar Flip Book

Beginning on page 140 in the back of the Come, Holy Spirit travel log, you will find a daily Key Concept Calendar where you can record the most important thing the Spirit is placing on your heart each day.

Wherever you are engaging God’s Word this week, take some time to record on a calendar one takeaway for each day. Use a word, an image, or a short phrase. Whenever you sit with readings and prayers, reflect on what caught your attention most, and add something to your Key Concept Calendar at the back of that book, or create your own with a wall calendar you already have lying around the house. You could even print out a monthly calendar in a pinch, but find some way to regularly record your time with God.

Be forewarned: you will most likely have some blank days on your calendar. That’s OK. Just keep moving forward, one day at a time. Don’t feel like you have catch up or get everything done. Allow the days you are able to engage to be their own blessing, without bearing the guilt of days you have missed. As time goes by, you will be able to look back at a patchwork quilt of what Jesus has been speaking into your life by his Word and Spirit. However much or little you have filled in, the pattern will be a beautiful reminder of your time spent with God.

Some members of the Come, Holy Spirit Facebook Social Learning group posted pictures of the flip books they created to capture their daily reflections. This video from KarenScraps gives you an idea of how to run a small experiment and see if a flip book might add depth to your study. The whole video is interesting, but the flip book discussion begins at 4:55.

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