The Adventure of Hospitality

The Next Step Podcast
Season 5: Come, Holy Spirit
Episode 05: The Adventure of Hospitality
Date: 30 April 2021
Guest: Carl Medearis

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Carl Medearis, author and international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations, joins Justin Rossow to talk about the risks and adventure of extending and receiving hospitality in this episode of the Next Step Podcast. This whole season is dedicated to the resource Come, Holy Spirit daily discipleship travel log for Easter to Pentecost from Next Step Press.

Following a brief introduction, Carl and Justin will talk about experiencing hospitality in the Middle East and in America, and about how Jesus both expressed and went beyond first-century, Middle Eastern hospitality. In the course of the conversation, Carl brings up Conrad Gempf’s book Mealtime Habits of the Messiah. Carl’s encouragement is that you take a small risk and extend or accept an invitation for getting together for food and conversation; Jesus doesn’t need us to be in charge of extending his Kingdom, but we also are invited to experience that Kingdom at work through us.

Carl has published several influential books you might find helpful in training your thinking for taking a small next step in the area of hospitality, including

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Next Step Press author and founder Justin Rossow prepared sermon and Bible study notes for Carl’s 42 Seconds book. These resources are available for free download through the Next Step Press Patreon page.

For an in-depth study of the conceptual metaphors in Speaking of Jesus, see the three-blog series that begins with “Outreach and Warfare,” or for a perspective from the pulpit, see “How Speaking of Jesus Changed My Preaching.”

If you enjoyed Car’s story about accepting hospitality from a Hezbollah leader, you will probably want to check out this video from a Michigan District pastors conference:

Hospitality hinges on the boundary of IN vs OUT, so this video from Justin Rossow on “Jesus at the Leading Edge” from the same Michigan District pastors conference also fits our theme well:

The devotion for Day 27 that Justin reads at the end of this episode is a shortened version of the reflections in “To See Like Jesus” and Look, Lift Up Your Eyes, and See: Warfare, Containers, Living Water, and the LCMS Constitution and Bylaws“.

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