Blessings in the Midst of Anxiety

By Naomi Rossow

I am at a point in my life where I am starting to create a life for myself and make decisions independent of my family. I have moments where that fact causes me a lot of anxiety, but I have more moments where that thought fills me with thanksgiving and hope.

I am currently working full-time as a home caregiver, waiting for the decision regarding my nursing school application, and volunteering as a nurse assistant at an OB clinic in Detroit. My parents just bought a house between Dexter and Ann Arbor. It needs some work done before they can move into it, but when they do, I will continue to live with my grandma at the lake rather than moving to the new house.

When they bought that house, they were no longer looking for a house for a family of six but instead a family of five. I am still a part of their family, but I don’t live with them anymore. I am moving forward in my life.

At my job as a caregiver, I have had the absolute blessing of creating relationships with a few of the other caregivers also on my main client’s case. When we made our first plan to see each other outside of work, I came home and did a little dance while I excitedly told my dad, “I have an adult job with adult friends! I am adulting!”

I was a little kid for a moment as I embraced the excitement of seeing friends I didn’t meet through school or church. I have plans to see these girls again this week and we are in regular communication with each other throughout the week. I am so absolutely blessed with these new friendships.

In addition to this, every first and third Thursday, I have the absolute joy of volunteering at the Luke Clinic in Detroit. At the clinic, I work side-by-side with the patient care nurse taking vitals and deciding which provider each patient will see in which room. I am filled with so much love and joy when I am there working with one of my role models in nursing and providing care for pregnant moms and their infants!

As I wait for a decision about my nursing application, I experience a lot of anxiety and worry. As I watch the COVID updates and mask mandate changes and vaccination news, I experience intense anxiety and even anxiety attacks. As I see social injustice and inequality in not only our country but the world, I feel anxious and hopeless.

And, when I can look at where I am in my life, I feel excited and joyful. I can take a breath in the face of my anxiety.

So today I praise my Heavenly Father for the wonderful gifts I have been blessed with as I find my own way in this world, following Christ’s love and blessing.

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