O Holy Night

The Next Step Podcast
Season 3: Light in the Darkness
Episode 8: O Holy Night
Date: 18 December 2021
Guest: Jamie Wiechman, Cofounder of Breathe Life Ministries

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Jamie Wiechman, cofounder of Breathe Life Ministries, joins host Justin Rossow on the Next Step Podcast to talk about Chapter 8: O Holy Night, in the resource Light in the Darkness: A Hymn Journal for Advent & Christmas.

After a brief introduction and an opening prayer, you’ll hear Jamie read Romans 5:1-11 on page 77 of the hymn journal. Then Jamie and Justin will discuss the text and what it means for living out our lives as followers of Jesus. That part of the discussion concludes with Justin reading the devotion, “A Thrill of Hope,” from page 78.

After we hear the Brooke and Brendan rendition of O Holy Night, Jamie tells us a little more about Breathe Life Ministries. Leading up to Easter last year, Breathe Life ran an experiment called “Making Room,” a series of weekly emails that helped acknowledge and honor our losses. The goal was to prepare our hearts and lives for what Jesus has for us next. You can see one of the weekly installments of Making Room in a blog by Jamie Wiechman, called “Loss of the Familiar.”

At one point in the podcast, Justin failed to come up with a reference to something Luther once said. (To be fair, Luther said a whole bunch of stuff…) If this had been Jeopardy, the right answer would have been, “What is Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, Thesis 21?” Here, in part, is what Luther said: “A theology of glory calls evil good and good evil. A theology of the cross calls the thing what it actually is. This is clear: the person who does not know Christ does not know God hidden in suffering.

Justin also retold the story from this chapter’s devotion (with a little more context) as part of a brief Advent devotion for St. Paul, Ann Arbor. Check out that conversation in the video below:

The Bible Project also unpacks the biblical concept of hope, the major theme of this podcast, in this five-minute video.

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