Speak, O Lord, Your Servant Listens

By Justin Rossow

Yesterday I got to sit in as an impromptu guest on a daily devotion video for St. Paul Lutheran Church. The pastor who usually does Tuesday through Saturday was under the weather, so the pastor who does Mondays jumped in. We cover devotions better when we cover them together, so I also joined in the conversation.

The reading for the day was 2 Samuel 5:17-25, where the newly-crowned king David inquires of the LORD before facing the invading Philistines.

The contrast with the former king is pretty stark when it comes to wanting to be dependent on God’s Word. That was probably my biggest take away: we operate with courage to try and freedom to faith because we belong to Jesus. And because we belong to Jesus, we are also always engaging God’s Word with a spirit of curiosity and dependence.

We chose the hymn, “Speak, O Lord, Your Servant Listens” to kick off the devotion. (They always sing a hymn in these daily devotions.) Like 2 Samuel 5, the hymn capture a sense of joy and adventure when it comes to committing your ways to the Word of the Lord. Verse three reminds me of the way the LORD broke out like rushing waters to rescue David and all God’s people:

Lord, Your words are waters living
When my thirsting spirit pleads.
Lord, Your words are bread life-giving;
On Your words my spirit feeds.
Lord, Your words will be my light
through death’s cold and dreary night;
Yes, they are my sword prevailing
And my cup of joy unfailing!

Whenever and wherever you hear the Word of the Lord–as you worship, or listen to the Word read or preached; as you read God’s Word or words that contain and expound on God’s Word; as your prayers contain and rely on God’s Word, or you hear God’s Word in the mouth of your Christian sister or brother–whenever and wherever you hear the Word of the Lord, Jesus is breaking forth like rushing water to rescue you from your enemies and give you water in a thirsty land.

Happy National Random Bible Study Video Day!

Pastors Aaron Roggow and Justin Rossow fill in for Pastor Don and Karen Neuendorf

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