Non-Judgmental Noticing

The Next Step Podcast
Season 6: My Next Step, Vol 1: Getting Started
Episode 2.3: Non-Judgmental Noticing
Date: 06 October 2022
Guest: Jamie Wiechman, Cofounder of Breathe Life Ministries

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Jamie Wiechman, cofounder of Breathe Life Ministries, joins host Justin Rossow on the Next Step Podcast to talk about section 2.3: “Jesus, I’m Tired” in the resource My Next Step: A How-To Companion for People Who Want to Follow Jesus (But Sometimes Get Stuck) Volume 1: Getting Started.

After a brief introduction and Justin and Jamie begin their conversation on noticing yourself with Jesus by looking at Jamie’s blog The Lord is Not Slow. Say What?

Jamie then shares a little more about how Breathe Life Ministries comes along side people to help them slow down and notice what they are experiencing without self-condemnation. Creating that space is one way to invite Jesus into whatever you are going through right now.

You can view the Zoom meeting of this episode here:

Jamie Wiechman talks to Justin Rossow about Non-Judgmental Noticing

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