Jesus, Son of Solomon

Extended Edition

By Justin Rossow and Conrad Gempf

I was asked to talk about Jesus as the “son of Solomon” in a devotion for Day 11 of this video devotion Advent calendar. My congregation puts one out every year as a fun way to do family advent devotions together as a church.

I happened to be meeting with my good friend, Dr. Conrad Gempf from the London School of Theology right about the time that video was due, so we decided to jump on Zoom and record our conversation about what it would mean in the first century to call Jesus the son of Solomon.

Of course we didn’t stick to the five minutes allotted to us for the family devotion, so I had to cut about 2/3 of it … which also allows me to release this extended edition director’s cut, all 15 minutes of our discussion on Jesus, Son of Solomon.

Conrad Gempf and Justin Rossow think through the title “Son of Solomon”

For reference, these are the verse we talk about in the video: Matthew 1:1-6, 12:28-42, and 12:1-8.

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