#Lenten Walk, Week 2

By Alli Bauck

Wow. Podcasts are e-v-e-r-y-where! I started out my #Lentenwalk with a varied list of podcasts (see my first Lenten Walk blog); however, my Spotify library has doubled in size since last week! 

It got me thinking about the first time I tuned into this thing called a “podcast.” Although I remember becoming aware of them as far back as college, I didn’t actively start listening to a podcast series until my Lenten practice in 2020. Can you guess what it was?!

Up until now, when I needed something to listen to, I habitually turned on the radio (and always tuned to our local Christian station). Whether we were busy with a breakfast routine or buckled into the car, I relied on familiar music for background noise. (Especially since becoming a mom—my brain can’t function in this foreign phenomenon called “silence!”)

Now, as I meander through my neighborhood, hearing the voices of podcasters, my thoughts—well, my thoughts wander, too.

I don’t know why this surprised me; I am a visual learner after all! (This is probably why I took great delight in the hymn journal and visual faith practices!) So it is especially difficult when I am just listening to someone reading the Bible. I easily get distracted and zone out (with help from my sinful self). Yet, the Holy Spirit works despite my weaknesses and blesses me in my willingness!

Thankfully, this past week’s walking weather was very Spring-like. On Sunday (my resting day) it got up to 72°! I did get outside for a bit while my oldest excavated in the dirt.

Even though I didn’t go for my Lenten walk that day, I still wanted to listen to a podcast. I had just gotten in my car to run some (fun) errands; the wheels in my brain were turning as I considered what I would listen to on my drive. It was at that very moment my phone dinged: a text message from my friend, recommending a podcast episode! It was God timing! (Shout out to my prayer partner, Jessica, who suggested I listen to Annie F Downs!)

So far, each day in March I have followed Annie (Let’s Read the Gospels) as she reads accounts from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in chronological order (NLT). There have been several days when the verses she shares remind me of a Scripture reading I recently heard in church or Bible study, or even the Bible story of the week at my son’s preschool! That was a pleasant and encouraging surprise.

Is there something surprising you so far this Lenten season? Have there been ups and downs in your journey, also? I wonder how Jesus will walk with me in Week 3 as I continue to listen to his Word. And I wonder what the Spirit will reveal to me next…

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