A Print-at-Home Key Concept Calendar

By Justin Rossow

The Come, Holy Spirit daily discipleship travel log, especially designed for the season between Easter and Pentecost, includes a Key Concept Calendar in the back. The idea is simple: if you write or sketch a simple phrase or image each day as you read, you’ll be more actively engaged in looking for what Jesus is speaking into your life. You’ll also be able to look back over the forty days and remember the Bible verses or devotions that were most important to you at the time.

As a discipleship travel log, the Come, Holy Spirit book is ideal for using multiple times; it includes more content and more faith experiments than you may be able to process in one read. It also helps celebrate the season of Easter and prepare you for Pentecost, which come around every year.

But there is one catch: if you actually use the Key Concept Calendar in year one, what are you supposed to do year two? (Or three? Or four?)

You have lots of options.

  • Use a wall calendar in place of the calendar in the back of the book. (See this article for a description of how I have used a wall calendar in my own devotional life.)
  • Or buy a pack of 3×5 cards and create your own Come, Holy Spirit deck.
  • Or use the Catcher’s Mitt Calendar in Volume 2 of the My Next Step series or in the My Next Step Journal (it’s the same basic idea, and you can download a sample of the Journal here).
  • Or come up with your own way to intentionally record what was most meaningful to you each day–innovation is the highest form of compliment!

But in case you just wanted to use the Key Concept Calendar the way it appears in the Come, Holy Spirit book, look no further! Here at Next Step Press, we want to resource your next step.

You can download a print-at-home version of the Key Concept Calendar below. Just make sure to select “landscape” (not “portrait”) from your printer dialog box!

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