Busting Meditation Myths

By Justin Rossow

Editor’s note: this blog recreates Lesson 6.2 in the online course for discipline leaders called Disciple Like You Mean It. Whether you are a small group host, a bible study leader, a board member, or a church professional, this training is designed to help you follow like never before so you can lead like you always wanted.


Begin with this 2 min video that covers the introduction and Meditation Myth #1: You have to have your “quiet time” in the morning.

Now choose 2 or more of the following Mediation Myths to explore before making a list of your own.

Meditation Myth #2: You need fancy words or a long prayer list (2 min)

Meditation Myth #3: Meditation is only for “expert” Christians; and there is only ONE right way to meditate (2 min)

Meditation Myth #4A & #4B: Scripture reading is a lot of work & Scripture reading is supposed to be easy (3 min)

Meditation Myth #5: Your prep time doesn’t count as personal Bible study (2 min)

Meditation Myth #6: Scripture Mediation is mostly about my personal quiet time with God (3 min)


After you have explored 2 or more of these Mediation Myths, watch the conclusion video (<1 min) and then create a short list of your own.

Now, make your own list of 3 or more “Meditation Myths” you have encountered in your own life. Look for assumptions about reading the Bible that may seem natural or obvious, but don’t always apply. In the comments below, share how taking that myth as a hard and fast rule can get in the way of ongoing joy in God’s Word.

To discover more about the Disciple Like You Mean It online experience, visit https://dlymi.findmynextstep.org/.

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