Wednesdays are for Walking With 01

The Next Step Podcast
Season 7: Wednesdays are for Walking With
Episode 01 (20 min)
Date: 01 November 2023
Guests: Deanna Rossow and Lexie Brown

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Welcome to Wednesdays are for Walking With, the latest feature of the Next Step Podcast! The goal of this series is to explore the Disciple Like You Mean It online training from Next Step Press. We’ll practice non-judgmental noticing with Jesus and help one another take a small next step.

Episode 01 was first recorded on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. It features a conversation with Deanna Rossow, one of the participants in the first cohort of the Disciple Like You Mean It training.

You’ll hear about a recent milestone in Deanna’s life, and then host Justin Rossow will help her wonder what next step the Spirit might be inviting her to take in response to that milestone.

Along the way, you’ll hear from another one of our DLYMI trailblazers, Lexie Brown (Director of Family Life Ministry at St. Paul, Ann Arbor) as we realize again the importance of holding a GPS attitude (Where am I right now? Where is Jesus leading?) instead of a GPA attitude (How well am I doing? How could I be doing better?) when it comes to faith and following.

Read more about it in the blog Orientation vs Performance: GPS or GPA?

As part of the conversation, Deanna mentions the My Next Step series of books from Next Step Press as well as Delight! Discipleship as the Adventure of Loving and Being Loved.

The intro and outro music comes from Peter Prochnow’s rendition of the hymn, “Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest” and is available at Used by permission.

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