Listening on Behalf of Jesus

The Next Step Podcast
Season 7: Wednesdays are for Walking With
Episode 03 (46 min)
Date: 15 November 2023
Guests: Jonathan Brandenburg and Deanna Rossow

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The Wednesdays are for Walking With series explores the Disciple Like You Mean It online training from Next Step Press. In this special production of the Next Step Podcast, we will practice non-judgmental noticing with Jesus and help one another take a small next step, together.

Episode 03 was first recorded on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. It features a conversation with life coach Rev. Dr. Jonathan Brandenburg from LINC SoCal and the coaching firm Bridge and Rhino. You’ll also hear from Deanna Rossow, one of the participants in the first cohort of the Disciple Like You Mean It training and my mom (Hi, Mom!).

After a brief introduction, we’ll hear a little bit more about Dr. Brandenburg and his background, including his time as a parish pastor and working with LINC SoCal.

Then Justin will ask Jonathan about “coaching” in a Christian context and we’ll hear a little about coaching with Bridge and Rhino.

A pop quiz is next, as Justin walks Jonathan through a multiple choice poll from Lesson 1.5 The Parable of the Pottery Class from the online course Disciple Like You Mean It. The two Drs will talk through Jon’s answers as well as answers from people in the course.

Then the two friends apply insights from professional coaching to listening to others as a member of a Triad (micro-small group of 3 in the DLYMI course). The talk about listening with the ears of Jesus, non-judgmental noticing, and asking questions that help the other person process before allowing the Gospel to grow out of the conversation.

Before we are done, we’ll open the conversation up to people currently taking the Disciple Like You Mean It course and talk about what was helpful in what they heard from Jon.

If you decide to experience the kind of conversation involved in “life coaching” with a Gospel foundation, you can sign up for a complementary 30 min session with Jonathan by selecting a day and time here.

If you choose to check out the Parable of the Pottery Class mentioned in this podcast, you can find it in Volume 1 of the My Next Step series (the one with the compass on the cover), or in this blog.

If the repeated shout outs to Breathe Life Ministries caught your attention, head over to their homepage to discover more.

If you would like to check out the Disciple Like You Mean It course, visit this page.

The intro and outro music comes from Peter Prochnow’s rendition of the hymn, “Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest” and is available at Used by permission.

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