A Walk through the Secret Code Prayer

Valerie Matyas, a Visual Faith Coach, gives a brief overview of the Secret Code Prayer in the video, below. I adapted that prayer for one of the discipleship experiments in the You, Follow Me Advent discipleship travel log. But Valerie was the one who first taught me how to slow down my prayers with a 4 x 6 piece of graph paper. I thought you might like to learn from the best.

Notice how Valerie talks about the purpose of the Secret Code Prayer: this kind of faith experiment isn’t intended to get you through your prayers as quickly as possible. Instead, this visual faith tool is there to provide support and focus to your prayers.

In the hectic and somewhat scattered schedule of pre-Christmas, I’m glad for all the help I can get!

A Visual Faith Coach walks us through the Secret Code Prayer

For more on Visual Faith Ministry, check out their website: https://www.visualfaithmin.org/


  1. Love this explanation of the Secret Code Prayer. I especially enjoy Valerie’s sense of humor!

  2. Even though I use this, I just wanted to hear how you explained it, Valerie – and BONUS! The illustration of the life jacket – spot on! Thank you!!!!

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