Thieves on a Cross

The Next Step Podcast
Season 1: When from Death I’m Free
Episode 06: “Thieves on a Cross”
Date: Good Friday, 10 April 2020
Guest: Justin Rossow and Valerie Matyas, Next Step Press

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This special Good Friday edition of the Next Step Podcast takes a closer look at Chapter 6 of the When from Death I’m Free hymn journal for Holy Week.

The first part of this episode is a sermon preached back on a Wednesday in Lent at Shepherd of the Lakes in Brighton, Michigan. That sermon walks through each of the verses of Kip Fox’s song, “Thieves on a Cross” in light of the crucifixion account beginning in Luke 23.

Following the sermon, author Justin Rossow is joined by Lead Illustrator Valerie Matyas to discuss her work for the Visual Faith Experiment on page 65 of the book (see the image, below). Justin and Valerie captured this conversation when they got together back in March to record the episode for Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted, so no shelter in place orders were violated in the making of this podcast!

You can also find this Visual Faith Experiment as the Friday devotion in the free Shelter In Place Holy Week Resource from Next Step Press and read more about the Secret Code Prayer in this article, or watch Valerie walk us through a simple Secret Code Prayer here.

This podcast includes the song “Thieves on a Cross,” words and music by Kip Fox, (c) 2011 Puffy Bear Music, used by permission. Find more music from Kip Fox at

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