Shelter-In-Place Holy Week Resource

Sometimes things don’t go the way you had planned….

Who would have thought, even a few weeks ago, that we would be celebrating Holy Week in our homes instead of in our churches?

Jesus uses every circumstance to bring us to Himself.

Next Step Press released When from Death I’m Free: A Hymn Journal for Holy Week before Lent had even begun. That resource quickly went to the #1 New Release spot In Amazon’s “Christian Devotional” category.

And now, as Holy Week approaches, my family and friends are all under Shelter-in-Place orders and Amazon has stopped even shipping books until mid-April.

Soo… what would you do if you wanted to help people delight in taking a next step following Jesus?

That’s right! Create a daily resource for Holy Week that you can print and use at home, and then give it away for free!

You have our permission to use, print, duplicate, copy, share, and otherwise disseminate this resource (with safe social distancing) for home use during Holy Week of 2020.

Color, pray, share the daily devotions, and dig into some of the music. Seek Jesus in His Word each day during Holy Week this year. Spend some extra time in contemplation, conversation, and prayer. May this resource be a blessing to you and those in your household as Jesus draws you to His cross and open tomb during this unusual Holy Week.

And… if you would like to order the actual book, Amazon will be glad to send it to you in time for next Lent… Go to for more.

AND… if you kind of like the idea of helping people delight in taking a next step, you might want to check out our blog at or even become a monthly Patron at For as little as $3/month you can help make these kinds of next step resources possible.

God bless your Holy Week observance as God shelters you in your place.

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  1. Dear Justin,
    My name is Abby Wuerffel. My husband, Ted, and I are friends of your parents, Rich and Deanna. They recently gave us a copy of your journal for Holy Week, “When from Death I’m Free.” Our church in St. Louis, Timothy Lutheran, also has had access to your material (with you kindly offer of using your material free) and has put out a devotional booklet for our church family to use this week (Holy Week). Ted and I have also used some of your resources to send to our five children and their young families. We want to thank you for your good material and for your generous spirit in providing these resources to the church community free. Couldn’t be better! Thank you!
    Abby Wuerffel

    1. Abby,
      I am so glad to hear your congregation and your family have been able to use this resource! The response has been really positive. If you would like to see what some other people are doing with the resource, I would invite you to check out a Facebook “pop up” group designed just for this hymn journal as a way of sharing what Jesus is up to in our lives. You’ll have to ask to join, but will be added quickly. You can find that group at Thank you so much for sharing!

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