We Will Rise

The Next Step Podcast
Season 1: When from Death I’m Free
Episode 12: “We Will Rise”
Date: 19 April 2020
Guest: Visual Faith Illustrator Karen Hunter
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The closing chapter of When from Death I’m Free hymn journal for Holy Week begins on page 117 with the Kip Fox song, “We Will Rise.” Special guest Karen Hunter, who did the illustrations for Chapter 12 as well as Chapter 10, joins author Justin Rossow to talk about the 1 Corinthians 15 reading on page 121, the devotion on page 122, and the whole Lent and Easter experience.

Karen will share her thoughts on the illustrations on pages 199 and 99 and will explain why she was a little intimidated by having to draw something for Chapter 12. Karen will also talk about why she finds Visual Faith Ministry so engaging, and how her social media has become a way for her to share God’s Word with friends and strangers alike. You can find Karen on Facebook or on Instagram.

This episode contains more laughter than any other episode in season one. The sun is shining, we are living in the light of the Resurrection, and Karen and Justin are just fun people to hang out with!

Along the way, their conversation turns to a design feature used by some scrappers called, “Washi tape.” The decorative, almost transparent tape is Japanese in origin, and you can find a range of variations on the original. You can see some of Karen’s work that includes Washi tape in the pictures, below. If you would like to experiment in your own Bible journaling, Karen suggest you start with something like this Washi tape on Amazon.

Today’s episode included the song, “We Will Rise,” words and music by Kip Fox and Brady Toops, (c) 2013 Puffy Bear Music / SESAC. Underspoken Music / SESAC. Used by permission. You can also find more music from Kip Fox at kipfox.com.

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Episode 12 covers the final hymn in Season 1: When from Death I’m Free. We look forward to bringing you more quality resources that help you take a next step following Jesus in Season 2 of the Next Step Podcast. You can continue to find community around next step discipleship at The Next Step Community web page, brought to you by Next Step Press.

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