Ponder Anew Hymn Journal Book Tabs

By Valerie Matyas

What a journey we are having together! To celebrate our Summer of 2020 adventure, Next Step Press is delighted to offer you Book Tabs for your Hymn Journal. 

Perhaps you have seen book tabs on the edges of Bibles, planners, or calendars. Tabs offer an easy way to quickly navigate a printed resource without leafing through every page. In the creative journaling world, decorative book tabs are employed the same way another person might use decorative paper towels. Both serve a practical purpose, they look great, and quite frankly it’s good clean fun. I hope the tabs spark your imagination, creativity, organization and enjoyment. 

It’s easy to add the book tabs to your hymn journal. Simply print this free PDF (use cardstock if you have it available, or better yet an adhesive paper), cut out the tabs, and glue them into your hymn journal using a glue stick. If you would like a little extra reinforcement you can use contact paper or packaging tape as a low cost laminate.

Enjoy the video tutorial; it features the Hymn Journal and accompanying Book Tabs created for When from Death I’m Free: A Hymn Journal for Holy Week.  Although the resource is different, the premise remains the same. Start from the back of the Hymn Journal and work your way forward.

It is a pleasure engaging with you in the Ponder Anew Facebook Group. I can’t wait to see the photos of your tabs. 

Blessings on your August!

Valerie Matyas
Lead Illustrator, Ponder Anew

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Download the Ponder Anew Tabs


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