In the Cross of Christ I Glory

The Next Step Podcast
Season 2: Ponder Anew
Episode 7: In the Cross of Christ I Glory
Date: 22 July 2020
Guest: Katie Helmreich, Visual Faith Illustrator and Next Step Community Author
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Season 2 of the Next Step Podcast focuses on the resource, Ponder Anew: A Hymn Journal of Trust and Confidence, brought to you by Next Step Press.

Episode 7 focuses on the hymn, Scripture, devotion, and faith experiments in chapter 7, “In the Cross of Christ I Glory.” After a brief introduction, you will hear author Justin Rossow pray, and Visual Faith Illustrator Katie Helmreich read the Philippians 4 passage on page 65. After a discussion of those verses, Justin will read the devotion on page 66.

Justin and Katie will talk about the corner art on page 66 and Katie will tell the story behind the illustration on page 63. They will connect that discussion to the INRI Prayer on page 69 and Katie shares how her family with young children uses the Secret Code Prayer in their regular family devotions.

You can read more about the Secret Code Prayer in this blog: The Secret Code Prayer or find the video tutorial here: A Walk through the Secret Code Prayer. Justin also mentions the initials “JJ” as part of the INRI prayer; you can read more about the Latin typo that turned into a teachable moment in Jesus, Judge Me!

Consider the Ducklings

The topic of ducklings winds its way through this episode (the Helmreich family rescued some duck eggs in a spring flood) and you can find Katie’s reflection on that experience here: Consider the Ducklings. But don’t stop there! Katie has written some wonderful articles on family discipleship and visual faith. You can find all of her articles on the Next Step Community by viewing her author tag:

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The intro and outro music for Season 2: Ponder Anew was arranged and performed by Brendan Knorp. All rights reserved.

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