God’s Work Shapes Your Adventure

The Next Step Podcast
Season 4: Delight! Book Reading
Episodes 16-19: God’s Work Shapes Your Adventure
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Episodes 16-20 of the Next Step Podcast Season 4 features a reading of Chapter 10 “God’s Work Shapes Your Adventure” from the book Delight! Discipleship as the Adventure of Loving and Being Loved by Justin Rossow.

God delights in your complete dependence; and God delights in your complete engagement. God delights in your work, but also in your rest and your play!

Episode 16 talks about the image of the potter and the clay in the section titled, “God Delights To Shape You.”

Episode 17 imagines your discipleship journey as kayaking whitewater rapids as opposed to a Lazy River ride in “God Delights In Your Full Engagement.”

Part 3 of Chapter 10 includes both “God Delights in Your Rest” as well as “God Delights in Your Play.” Episode 18 ends with the first part of “Wear Your Helmet And Go Have Fun!”

Episode 19 concludes Chapter 10 with “Jesus Near You And Formed In You.”

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