Themes, Sermon Series, And Preaching Post-Covid

An interview with Rev. Richard Rossow

This special episode of the Next Step Podcast captures a conversation between Rev. Richard Rossow, pastor emeritus, and Rev. Justin Rossow, the founder of Next Step Press.

The two Pastors Rossow discuss a blog about sermon series in an age of Covid and reflect on the role of “themes” in the life of a congregation and the preaching ministry of a pastor.

You will hear them talk about this video on themes to launch the conversation, and they will explore the effects of lower worship attendance in general, and Covid in particular, when it comes to shaping a sermon series over time.

The veteran preacher also responds to the idea that our current communication culture requires us to bring the Word to people in multiple communication streams. His suggestion honors the Body of Christ while still reaching people with different communication media: ask God to give you people who can use their gifts to expand the proclamation of the Word into different media environments.

This podcast is one example of hitting multiple communication streams with content that is thematically related.

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