Expanding Your Sermon Into The Week

An interview with Rev. Sam Fink

This special episode of the Next Step Podcast captures a conversation between Rev. Sam Fink, Associate Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orchard Park, New York and Rev. Justin Rossow, founder of Next Step Press.

These two preachers will discuss how to live out the ideas in a recent blog about taking some of your sermon content and putting it out into various communication channels during the week. You preach a shorter Sunday sermon, but get more chances to see the Word active Monday through Saturday. It’s the difference between trying to load up on a Sunday buffet and making a meal plan for the whole week.

Sam will talk about some of the changes their congregation went through because of Covid and share some of the experiments their staff is running, and hoping to run, when it comes to getting the Word into their community beyond Sunday.

This podcast is one example of hitting multiple communication streams with content that is thematically related. You can see some of the Taking Worship Into Your Week resources Justin mentions at https://community.findmynextstep.org/tag/table-talk/.

You can read the whole blog series and listen to other, related podcasts, below.

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