Brokenness, Hope, & Baptism

The Next Step Podcast
Season 5: Come, Holy Spirit
Episode 02: Praying “Brokenness, Hope, and Baptism”
Date: 9 April 2021
Guest: Heidi Goehmann, Deaconess, Licensed Counselor, and Author

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Deaconess, licensed counselor, and author Heidi Goehmann joins Justin Rossow for Episode 2, Season 5 of the Next Step Podcast. Today we focus on Day 3 of the Come, Holy Spirit daily discipleship travel log for Easter to Pentecost from Next Step Press.

By way of introduction, Justin asks for an update on Heidi’s recent Next Step blog post, Our Family COVID-versary Meal. Then you’ll hear Justin pray the prayer for Day 3 and Heidi read the Romans verses on page 20 before the two authors discuss the pendulum of perfectionism and fatalism on the basis of the Personal Reflection on page 21.

Before reading her Meditation Quotation, Heidi tells us more about her new book, Finding Hope: From Brokenness to Restoration. Justin then reads the Imagination Experiment on page 22 as they close with a conversation of the individual and community aspects of baptism. As the podcast comes to a close, The Emotional Devotion: Following Jesus in Every Emotion comes up. You can read Heidi’s endorsement of that resource, written and illustrated by teenage girls, for teenage girls, on The Emotional Devotional home page.

You can read the devotion from Day 3 here: DOWN to Death and UP to Life. This podcast is designed especially to go with the Come, Holy Spirit Facebook Social Learning Group sponsored by Next Step Press. Join us at

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