Top Blogs from 2022

2022 was another engaging year for the Next Step Community blog! Close to 12,000 visitors viewed our discipling content almost 19,000 times over the last 12 months. Here are some of the blogs that got viewed more than any others.

Oldies but Goodies

Some of our Top 10 most-read blogs from 2022 didn’t come from 2022 at all. The staying power of these posts could be an indication of quality; or maybe they just match what people are searching online. Decide for yourself:

Saying Good-Bye to Beany Malone

Praying Micah 6:8

The Christ in the Mouth of My Brother or Sister

Wash One Another’s Feet

A Bonus Chapter

One of our most-read posts this year came in the form of additional content: a bonus chapter of the When from Death I’m Free hymn journal. (Incidentally, the home page for that Lenten hymn journal got almost 3,000 views this year, as the result of a Patron-sponsored FB add. Thank you, Patrons!)

My Song is Love Unknown
by Allie Bauck

When from Death I’m Free

Next Step on Patreon

#5 A Title Blog

Coming in at #5 on the most-read blogs of 2022 is this gem by Katie Helmreich. It featured in the introduction of Tales from the Next Step Community, Year 3 and gave that anthology its name. Great work, Katie!

Take My Moments and My Days (the blog)

Take My Moments and My Days (the book)

#4 Rethinking Technology

The fourth-most read blog of 2022 struck a chord with social media users. “The god in My Pocket” by Justin Rossow looks at the portable household deities in the OT and draws some interesting parallels …

The god in My Pocket
by Justin Rossow

#3 A Tie for Third

Rachel Hinz makes her way into our Top Ten with a blog processing grief. Katie Helmreich ties for third-most reads with a clever take on trusting Jesus, even when things don’t work out the way you thought.

“Jesus wept.”
by Rachel Hinz

Don’t Wear the Gorilla Sweater
by Katie Helmreich

#2 A Tie for Second

Christmas and Easter are two of our major holidays, and this year they both produced blogs that were near the top of out most-read list. “Good Friday and God’s Failure” explores trusting when it feels like God has let you down. “Messy Christmas” looks at Jesus as “God With Us,” even in the mess.

Good Friday and God’s Failure
by Justin Rossow

Messy Christmas
by Justin Rossow

Most Read Blog of 2022

OK; so this blog wasn’t released in 2022 either. And it is an excerpt from the 2021 book The Emotional Devotional: Follow Jesus in Every Emotion rather than your standard blog.

But with over 5,000 views (and counting), “Praying the Emotion Wheel” by Gabriella Wiechman is by far the top-read blog of 2022. Congratulations, Gabby!

Most of that traffic comes from search engines, so something about bringing our emotions to Jesus in prayer seems to have hit a nerve this year. Check out what made that blog so special, and then think about sharing it on your social media. Chances are, someone you know will want to explore praying the emotion wheel. (At least we know a few thousand of people already have!)

Thank you to all of our Next Step bloggers! You continue to make the Next Step Community a place that encourages people to take a small next step following Jesus. On to 2023!

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