How Can I Keep from Singing?

The Next Step Podcast
Season 2: Ponder Anew
Episode 6: How Can I Keep from Singing?
Date: 15 July 2020
Guest: Karen Hunter, Visual Faith Illustrator
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Season 2 of the Next Step Podcast focuses on the resource, Ponder Anew: A Hymn Journal of Trust and Confidence, brought to you by Next Step Press.

Episode 6 of 12 means we are halfway through Ponder Anew! Today’s guest is Karen Hunter, the Visual Faith Illustrator for Chapter 6 and Chapter 12. You can find Karen on Facebook or on Instagram.

After a brief introduction, you will hear author Justin Rossow pray, and Karen will read the John 20 passage on page 55. After a discussion of those verses, Justin will read the devotion on page 56.

Justin and Karen will talk about the text of the hymn “How Can I Keep from Singing?” and the illustrations on pages 53 and 59 and the similarities and differences between a refreshing fountain and a secure rock in a storm.

The topic of hand lettering comes up again; you can find some of Karen’s favorite fonts here:

If you missed the tutorial on hand lettering, you can catch up with our Lettering Video Tutorial, Part 1 from Lead Illustrator Valerie Matyas.

Before Karen gets back to her vacation, she also talks about how the discussion of this chapter helps her take a next step following Jesus into a fall of uncertainty. With her daughter going into middle school in an era of Covid and online learning, there are plenty of things to be anxious about! Having a rock to cling to is good news indeed!

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The intro and outro music for Season 2: Ponder Anew was arranged and performed by Brendan Knorp. All rights reserved.

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