Visual Faith & The Secret Code Prayer

The Next Step Podcast
Season 5: Come, Holy Spirit
Episode 07: Visual Faith and The Secret Code Prayer
Date: 11 May 2021
Guest: Connie Denninger, Co-Founder of Visual Faith™ Ministry

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Connie Denninger, one of the cofounders of Visual Faith™ Ministry, joins author Justin Rossow for Episode 7, Season 5 of the Next Step Podcast to talk about the purpose and origin of Visual Faith™ and of The Secret Code Prayer, one of the prayer experiments featured in the Come, Holy Spirit daily discipleship travel log for Easter to Pentecost.

After a brief introduction, you’ll hear Connie’s story of how her own personal prayer life was transformed through visual and kinesthetic engagement with God’s Word, and how her study of education and spiritual formation led to where she is today.

Connie shares with us some of the thinking behind experimenting with a variety of prayer practices to discover your own spiritual I.E.P., an Individual Education Plan that works for you as you seek to grow and engage God’s Word. Along the way, Connie emphasizes the importance of community as we continue to pray, “Come, Holy Spirit” and discover what the Spirit is shaping in our lives.

Connie mentions Sybil MacBeth’s Praying in Color as one of the early tools that helped shape her prayer life (use this link to Sybil’s book to support the Next Step Community), and Justin references the Hymn Journal Project, a joint effort between Visual Faith™ Ministry artists and Next Step Press. You can find all three of the current hymn journals on the Next Step Press Resource Page.

Connie also talks about the importance of running faith formation experiments in community; or, as Justin would say, “We follow Jesus better when we follow Him together.” To that end, you can find support in your faith walk by joining with the Next Step Community or the Visual Faith™ community at one or more of the following:

You can read more about the Secret Code Prayer or watch a video walk through of the Secret Code Prayer on the Next Step Community blog. You can also find other Next Step podcast episodes, video tutorials, and articles related to Visual Faith™ to help you run your own experiments in personal faith formation.

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