Pentecost & Intimacy With God

The Next Step Podcast
Season 5: Come, Holy Spirit
Episode 08: Pentecost and Intimacy With God
Date: 15 May 2021
Guest: Conrad Gempf

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Conrad Gempf, author and Lecturer in New Testament at the London School of Theology, joins Justin Rossow for the final episode of this season dedicated to the resource Come, Holy Spirit daily discipleship travel log for Easter to Pentecost from Next Step Press.

Following a brief introduction, Conrad and Justin talk about the book of Acts as they set up the reading for the Day of Pentecost. Then the two friends explore the coming of the Spirit in Acts 2, other mini-Pentecost events in the book of Acts, and what it all means for our daily faith and life.

Conrad has been a friend of Next Step Press from the beginning. You can hear his interviews from other seasons of the Next Step Podcast.

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For more on the Day of Pentecost, see the article Pentecost, Like Jesus by Justin Rossow.

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